Friday, December 26, 2008

My Rescuers!

As the boys were playing with their new toys, Joel told Jonathan that there was a fire.
"Where is it?" asked Jonathan

"In the bathroom," replied Joel

"Don't say that word, Joel. Say '38 miles away'."

Joel answered, "38 miles away."
And off they went. Jonathan with the fire engine, sirens sounding and Joel with two monster trucks. The bathroom 38 miles away is safe thanks to my two rescuers, Jonathan and Joel!


sweetsong32 said...

That is just precious!!!

Jenners said...

Oh that is so cute! I love when they provide you/their playmate with your "lines." Glad the world is a little bit safer!

andysbethy said...

I love this story. "38 miles" is just perfect! I feel safer, knowing they are on call, and ready to act.

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