Saturday, December 20, 2008
President-elect Obama has invited Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration. I'll admit that I've been taken by surprise at those who are angry about that. So many want to be accepted no matter what they believe or what lifestyle they choose, but yet they just can't accept that someone who may not agree with them, like Warren, would agree to participate in Obama's inauguration. Some Obama supporters also can't seem to accept that he would ask someone who did not agree with him on all issues, like Warren, to participate in his inauguration.

Whatever Obama's motives are does not concern me. I am just glad that Rick Warren agreed to give the invocation. I know that he has a personal relationship with Jesus and that he converses with Him. Jesus hung out with those that did not agree with Him and that is exactly what Rick Warren is doing - showing the love of Jesus.


tperry said...

He also gave an extremely clear message of salvation when he interviewed with Matt Lauer (or so I've heard). Politically, it's a very smart move on Obama's part. He alienated many with his 'hiding behind their Bible's' comment, and this will work well in his favor.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but goodness are the left ticked about this. Prop 8 is going to fester for a long time, and because Rick Warren supported it...they will stay mad at him forever. No matter, how Obama reaches out.

Watch the ceremony on Jan 20th, see how many people boo Rick Warren when he stands up...disgraceful and disrepectful is what they are.

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