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My Childhood Bedroom

I am linking up this week with Mama Kat and have chosen prompt #2:

What do you remember most about your childhood bedroom?

My Mama let me decorate my bedroom how I wanted, so I had:

Twin Beds
Yellow Gingham Bedspreads
Holly Hobby
Shuttered Windows
Yellow Gingham Curtain
Yellow Floral Wallpaper

I loved that room.  I had lots of windows into the back yard.  I remember playing 45's on my own record player.

Then we moved.

In our new house, in a new state, at the start of my ninth grade year, my Mama let me decorate my bedroom how I wanted, so I had:

A Double Brass Bed
A Blue Bed Spread
Yellow and Blue Floral Wallpaper
Holly Hobby
Yellow Gingham

I enjoyed my high school years in that room.  But what I most remember about my childhood bedroom is that my Mama made every effort to create my dream room for me.  A place that I could call my own.  And at a time when my life changed so drastically in my eyes, my Mom did her best to make my childhood bedroom a safe haven for me.  Thanks Mama!


Dreams and Goals

I have been watching the Republican National Convention on CSPAN this week.  There have story after story of Americans starting their own business in order to provide a better life for their family. Stories of immigrants who came to America because of what our country had to offer.  To chase dreams.  To set goals.  To succeed.  Stories of children being told by parents that they can be and do anything the set out to do.  Stories of Americans living the success of their realized dreams and goals.

I am proud to be an American where I  worship God, speak freely, live peaceably and raise my children in a way that I believe is right.  I thank God that I can live a life of realized dreams.  I am glad that if I don't like how my life is, I have the ability and freedom to make the necessary to changes to turn things around.

I've been assessing my life and I've been looking at 5 years from now.  I have a list of dreams of things I'd like to accomplish within the next five years.  I look at it frequently. I pray over it and thank the Lord for his provision and blessings.

Here are a few from my list:

1. Maintain a loving, safe, comfortable home when my children can bring their friends home to play.
2. Write a song of worship unto the Lord - lyrics and melody.
3. Encourage woman and girls in their life's journey.

What dreams and goals do you have for yourself that you would like to see realized five years from now?

Enjoying my life,