Saturday, October 31, 2009 5 comments

Six Word Saturday

It's that time again...Six Word Saturday! To find out more about 6WS and to participate, check out Call Me Cate's ghoulish blog by clicking the button below.


See this previous post.
Joel can be a big help to mommy by getting dressed. Often times, this is the end result! :)
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Thursday, October 29, 2009 1 comments

A special opportunity......

I tutor. I have one student that I've been with for three years now. It has been very rewarding to see his grades improve and his confidence levels jump. I've worked with him in Algebra I, Geometry and now, Algebra II.

Last year, I was able to tutor a sweet girl in Geometry and again saw her grades improve and her confidence levels jump. She ended up passing Geometry. This year I'll help her study for the ACT when needed.

This year, I've taken another student in Algebra II. In just a couple of weeks, his grades have improved by 40 points and his confidence levels have jumped too. I can't wait to see what the final result will be.

Confidence. These students saw their grades improve because their self-confidence improved. They can do the work. They put in the time needed to study and practice. They saw the results. Which caused their self-confidence to jump - again! I have enjoyed this so much.

This week, I was offered the opportunity to substitute teach for these kids' teacher who is fighting breast cancer. She will be out for 4-6 weeks. Pray for the teacher as she undergoes surgery and treatment. This is a scary time for her.

I'll be teaching Trigonometry, Algebra II and Geometry. I am so excited about this opportunity. But I'm nervous too. But a dear friend told me that it wouldn't take me long to find my "teacher voice". I am so enjoying my life.
Wednesday, October 28, 2009 1 comments

Picture of the Day

The day before school pictures, Jonathan informed me on the way home that he had to go to the haircut doctor. That week, we had been to the dentist and ENT specialist, so it made perfect sense to go the haircut doctor. He insisted that he HAD to look handsome for his picture. And he did. I took this picture to show off his haircut. Facebook has an application called "Picture of the Day" and it picked this one, so I decided to add it to my blog. Another moment in enjoying my life.
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009 2 comments

We went to the Circus....

My sister, Judy, invited us to go to the Cole Bros. Circus of the Starts tonight. It was the first time for any of us to attend the Circus. We had an enjoyable time. The boys loved the motorcycles in the round cage, and the "superhero" who acrobatic-ed in a wheel, along with the camels, mule and elephants. Next, time we'll get reserved seating and bring enough money to get two of those stupid plastic lights....

And the grand finale was shooting the "superhero" out of the cannon.

Saturday, October 24, 2009 6 comments

Six Word Saturday

I wanted to try my writing skills on something easy today. I got the idea from C. Beth Blog. What do you think?

Saturday. Cleaning. Laundry. Studying.
Hopefully Playing.
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My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza

We are part of Dolly Parton's Imagination Library and we got My Lucky Day in the mail today.

About This Book

When a delicious-looking piglet knocks on Mr. Fox's door "accidentally," the fox can hardly believe his good luck. It's not every day that dinner just shows up on your doorstep. It must be his lucky day! Or is it?
Before Mr. Fox can say grace, the piglet has manipulated him into giving him a fabulously tasty meal, the full spa treatment (with bath and massage), and . . . freedom.
In a funny trickster tale of her own, Kasza keeps readers guessing until the surprise ending when they'll realize it was piglet's lucky day all along.

We all got a kick out of this book at bedtime. I know that I'll read it again and again. The illustrations are great too. I highly recommend this book.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 2 comments
Wow! It's been almost two months since I posted anything here. It's been a whirlwind for me. Some of the highlights for us have been:
  • Joel started K-3 this year. He is doing so well and his teachers tell me that he is very smart!
  • Jonathan turned 5 August 19. He has matured so much in the last couple of months. He got a bike for his birthday and is very proficient already.
  • I started a calculus class at VSU. I'm doing okay, but I'm at least 20 years older than most of the students.
  • Jonathan had his tonsils out October 7. I can already hear an improvement in his speech, breathing and sleeping. His eating has improved too. But I'm told that it just gets more as the boys grow.
  • Lee started a new job at the end of August and I haven't seen him since. I'm kidding. He is putting in a lot of time there, but I think he likes it.
  • I'm tutoring again this year. I get such satisfaction in seeing my students achieve their goals. And I have such joy when I see their confidence levels jump!
My life is busy at every turn, but when I think of how the doctors told me that I may never have children I stop complaining. I am so very blessed to have two wonderful boys who are smart and loving and funny and MINE! I wouldn't change a thing where they are concerned.

Enjoying My Life.....