Sunday, February 28, 2010 1 comments


During Winter Break, I took the boys to visit my brother and his family in Greenville, SC. My 5 year old, Jonathan, exclaimed, "I haven't seen snow in 5 years!"

The boys enjoyed visiting with their cousins, Jesse, Donna, Abby, Greg and Michaela. My mom and I enjoyed the trip too.
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Friday, February 19, 2010 2 comments

Crazy Love!

My last post was November 22, 2009! But not only have I not blogged lately, but I haven't read anyone else's blog. Seems like I've missed some things.

My "dashboard" is filled with blogs that don't interested me anymore. There are too many so that the ones that are important to me get lost. I need to clean that up.

Our life is very busy lately. The boys are in school. I am teaching. My weekends are full of catching up on housework and laundry.

Jonathan is learning to read. He gets so excited about his "sight words" list. Joel has finished with the letter "p" on his journey through the alphabet. I'm teaching probability, ratios, radicals, quadratic formula...

Today, while showing one Algebra II class how to simplify and rationalize radical equations, I told the class how much I enjoyed algebra. How I enjoyed seeing a problem solved. How much I loved math. One student in the back of the class called it...

Crazy Love!

I just giggled, much to the pleasure of the class. They don't seem have the same affection for algebra as I do. I wonder why that is....