Sunday, February 1, 2009
A note is being passed around on Facebook called "25 Random Things about Me" and it has been interesting reading them all. My cousin's wife mentioned several times in her list her favorite brown chair. She uses it to spend time with the Lord. She uses it to relax and read. She uses it to spend time with her family.

As I was reading my Bible this morning, I was wishing for a favorite chair and place to call my own. I've attempted several times to set up "my place" in my house, but none of them have become my favorite. I have a rocking chair set up in the kitchen to use when I'm waiting for the buzzer to go off. I have a rocking chair set up in my bedroom with a small table and lamp beside it to use to read. I have two spots set up in the living room - the couch and a chair/table/lamp set up. Why do these not work for me? Several reasons, the chairs aren't comfortable or they become storage places for coats, books, etc. The spots aren't quite enough. So, I've decided to work on "my place" again to find my favorite chair and spot to call my own. Thanks Beneth for expressing your joy of having your own special spot.

If you want to read my 25 Random Things check out facebook.


Christy said...

i have also wanted "my" chair. I really thought I would have a corner in this house, but none of the chairs are comfy enough. Now you have me wanting to work on setting up "my" corner, again. Thanks to you and Beneth.

Ching Ya said...

Dear Mary, I hope I could find 'my little place' as well, especially for devotional time, and a place to work at home. Same as you, I think I haven't found the right chair/desk that suits me, or comfy enough. This is actually important, to feel at home, and relax while doing something important.

Wish both of us good luck, and also, Christy.

andysbethy said...

I have a favorite chair - it isn't quiet enough really in the middle of the day, but at night, when everyone else is asleep, it is my favorite place to be. I can sit there and read, or write, or pray, or just think.
And Casey can be a witness, it is a great place to sleep too! (I so wish I had a picture of him, fast asleep in my rocker!)

sweetsong32 said...

Thanks to my wonderful baby brother, I NOW have a favorite, very comfy chair; a leather recliner...I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It is so comfy and I can just kick back and relax, read, or surf the net with my laptop and my cat sharing my lap. I hope you can find you a comfy spot to call your own too! You certainly deserve it!

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