Wednesday, December 10, 2008

God is a GREAT Father (Genesis 34-36)

In reading this scripture today, I noticed that Dinah's brothers overreacted to Schechem's sin against Dinah. Simeon and Levi also sinned. Consequently, God told Jacob to move to Bethal and Hebron. But in the midst of this life challenge, God reminded Jacob of his new name Israel revealing that Gos is faithful to his promises.

My understanding of my position in Christ and my knowing God as my Father is a daily journey. As I mediate on God's Word and let it get into my spirit, I trust God and his promises. The delight in being a great father to His children on earth is what motivates God!

I want to know you God as a true father who is my teacher and my provider. I do not want to cast an image on You that is not true. You are Abba Father to me and I trust You!

The Lord gave me the words to this song several months ago:

Father, you have given me an ornament of beauty
You have given me oil of joy
You have given me the garment of praise
And girded with gladness, I dance before you.

Because You are Lord
You are God
You are Most High
You are Almighty
You are Provider
You are Healer
You are Righteousness
You are Lord of Hosts
You are Conqueror
You are Peace
You are Present
You are Lord

Father, I have given you all of my brokenness
I have given you all of my heart
I have given you all of my passion
And girded with your Spirit, I choose life.


My Daily Bible Reading comes from
The Devotional Bible
Experiencing the Heart of Jesus
Max Lucado, General Editor


Christy said...

Thank you for this, Mary.

Jenners said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm glad you enjoyed it! I wanted to stop by and say Hi! I see you are a busy blogger lady! That is great! I think you might need Bloggers Anonymous too! I love that you created a tribute blog to your loved one...that is really special! Have a blessed holiday!

Jenners said...

Hi--Stopping by to give you your letter. It is T! Christy totally rocked hers so let me know when yours is up so I can check it out! Have fun!

sweetsong32 said...

A beautiful song!

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