Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dinner Party

Just got home from a great dinner party hosted by Tonya. What a great time we had around the table laughing and talking. Best of all, the children played nicely and the adults were able to visit uninterrupted.

The food was great. Tonya prepared chicken enchiladas and tacos. And dessert with coffee. And we all left with a "goody bag". Or is the adult version a favor? :)

Since we live in another town, I do not get to see my friends as often as I like, but I cherish the times that we do have together.

Thank you Tonya for being an awesome hostess!
Oh, and thank you Casey for making me laugh so hard I cried with the "send an email telling everyone in your address book that your emails are being returned!"
Mary, I'll give The Office another chance.
Jenn, tell Vicky that my kids thinks she's great!
Love to you all - Murry


Mary Wary said...

I had so much fun, too!!! Thank you for being willing to give The Office another try! It was great to sit and laugh, and it was sweet of the kids to play so nicely together. Joel and Maddy are particualrly cute! (o:

sweetsong32 said...

I am so glad you came! and even more glad you had a good time! I too am proud of the kids. They played very well together!
I will let you two Mary's (and Jenn) have the office. I just can not get in to that show. :)

meili_lo said...

oh i envy you had that time with friends :o) i wish to have something like that sometime sooooon... food looks yummy, especially for my pregnant belly! hihi

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