Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My favorite things that start with the letter T

Jenners played a little game on her blog recently, my cousin Christy did too, so I asked to play. All you have to do is make a list of ten of your favorite things. The catch is that everything on the list has to start with a specific letter of the alphabet, which is assigned by the blogger you are playing with. Jenners little One assigned me "T" so here goes... my favorite things that start with the letter T.

1. Tiramisu is my favorite dessert and I enjoyed it most on my first date with my husband.

2. Tami is my very best friend from college. We met the summer that we both stayed to work. It sure helped to have someone to pass the time with as we didn’t have TV and didn’t get off campus much.

3. True Friends love me despite my faults – Jenn, Melissa, Mary, Tonya, Tami .

4. Transcription, yes it can be one of my favorite things as it was my first job as a “work from home mom.”

5. Three Children – I have always wanted two boys and one girl. I have my two boys and one day I will have my girl.

6. Two Sisters – I have the best sisters in the world, Judy and Debby. (I have a great brother too, but nothing started with T to fit him). I was 13 when Judy was born and I was a little mother to her and I enjoyed helping my mom with her. I was 19 and a freshman in college when Debby was born and really didn’t get to know her until I moved back to Valdosta in 1996.

7. Twenty-eight years old is when I gave my life back to the Lord. What an awesome experience to know God on a personal level.

8. Two Thousand One (2001) is the year that I married the love of my life, Lee. I am so thankful that the Lord brought us together through a singles ministry at the church I was attending. Of course, I had no idea that he was interested in me at the time. And my friends tell it that it was soooooo obvious. J We’ve had seven good years and two beautiful boys.

9. Triangles are fun, especially when I get to tutor geometry! The Lord used this experience to show me my passion of teaching high school Math. Another goal to work toward.

10. Toes – I got my first pedicure when I was pregnant for the first time. Oh what luxury! I haven’t had many, but I always enjoy them.


sweetsong32 said...

First off, I am impressed with your 'T' list. Especially the dates...very creative!

Tami said...

Awww, you are too sweet! I do read, just don't comment often enough. Love ya girl,

meili_lo said...

very nice post! TTTTTTerific :o)

Jenners said...

You did a TREMENDOUS job! I loved it! It always impresses me how creative people get and how much you can find out about them from these lists! I'm glad you did it! And I want to ask you about transcription if you don't mind. My "stay at home" mom train is coming to its final stop but I'd love to find something I could do at home if I could. If you could e-mail me some basics on what you did and how you got started, that would be so wonderful. Thanks!

Mary said...

Thanks for the sweet comments. I really didn't think it was that creative, but..........

Mom2three said...

Just wanted to let you know I've enjoyed reading your responses on the One Minute Writer. Great responses. This morning was a hard one for me, but I liked your answer. Great blog! I enjoyed reading your "T" Responses! Great ones! Have a wonderful Christmas!

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