Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quilting progress

I've decided to make a tree skirt using the Yellow Brick Road pattern. These are my fabrics.

My friend Melissa made a bed quilt with the same pattern and shared it with me. Isn't she talented?

I've made progress on my Blooming Nine Patch, but I am not ready to show it yet. But it will be a nice quilt.

I'm glad to be quilting again. It is a relaxing hobby for me and I love the exactness of it. I'm hoping to take a class on paper piecing after the first of the year.

I like hearing how others got started quilting. For me I saw a quilt and thought that I probably could do it too. And we had a quilt shop downtown that was teaching classes. It was a lot of fun. I mainly did wall hangings and baby quilts, but now I am branching out to do a bed quilt. We'll see how that turns out.

One of the ladies in my latest class said that she made a quilt doing it "her way" and decided to learn some basic techniques. She wasn't at all interested in the exactness of the art. But oh how that interests me.


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