Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tree Ornaments

Jonathan brought these ornaments home from preschool. Aren't they cute?

These aren't just five snowman as anyone can see.
I made them with my hand which is a part of me.
Now each year when you trim the tree
You'll look back and recall Christmas of 2008
When my hand was just this small.

(I couldn't get a good picture of his whole hand)

He was quite proud of his snowflake.


Jen @ JenuineJen said...

I popped over from Smart Girl Politics. I love the homemade ornaments. These are the ones I treasure the most. As I was taking the tree down yesterday, I took photos of all of them so that if something happens to them I still have a photo reminder. The handprint snowman has got to be my favorite of all the handmade ornaments.

BTW, I have 2 brothers named Jonathan and Joel. Great names!

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