Friday, April 10, 2009

Coloring Easter Eggs

Jonathan posing with his finished eggs.
Joel posing with his finished eggs.
But he didn't want to show them.

Autumn: I am waiting to see your pictures of the boys decorating their eggs. Did they love it?

Me: They had a good time and want me to boil more eggs. It was some what of a let down for me. Maybe I should have had my own dozen to decorate?

Autumn: In what way was it a let down?

After we colored them, the boys hardly did anything with them. I tried to show them that they could decorate the whole egg, but they just did the top. But they had fun and I'll post pictures soon.

Autumn: The point is that they had fun. Next year they
may get into it even more. It was their first year. Focus on making good memories because time flies too fast. I really want it to slow down sometimes.
The above was a conversation I had with my friend Autumn on facebook. What she said about focusing on making good memories is good advice. I don't often do crafty things with my kids because its hard for me. I find it hard to just let go and let the kids do what they want. For instance, I kept trying to get the kids to decorate the whole egg, but they just wanted to do the end that they had facing up. When they were done, they were done and quite proud of themselves.

A few of the eggs were cracked after boiling them, so I knew we would not eat them. Jonathan wanted to know what was inside the egg, so I peeled one and cut it in half to show him. He peeled the second one and proceeded to crumble it up in his hands. But he had fun.
So I think I was successful in making good memories.
And we'll do it again next year.


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