Friday, April 3, 2009

It took 75 minutes

Today, I had lunch with the other Mary and her kids. Then went to Books-A-Million, where my mother found me. Then I went to JCPenney with her. Since it was a beautiful, sunny day, I took the boys to Drexel Park. After a good day in Valdosta, I left the park at 4:30 in order to be home by 5:00.

At 5:00, I found myself at the intersection of Norman Drive and Hwy 84 going west. I called Lee to tell him where I was. I continued west on Hwy 84 and was stopped at Ousely Road by the DOT doing road work. I couldn't tell what kind of work they were doing, but suddenly I saw cars in both lanes making u-turns left and heading east on Hwy 84. Then I saw the "road closed" sign. They closed the road right in front of us. I called home to find out if I would really have to turn around and go back to Valdosta. Surely there was another way to get to Quitman from here. Nope! So I too made the u-turn left and headed east on Hwy 84.

At 5:25, I found myself again at the intersection of Interstate 75 on ramps and Hwy 84 (just a couple intersections before Norman Drive). I decided to go up James Road taking me to St. Augustine Road. Halfway there, I encountered another "road closed" sign. Sighing, I made another u-turn and went back to Hwy 84. I decided to take I-75 North from exit 16 to exit 18 to get to St. Augustine Road.

At 6:45, I arrived at home in Quitman. A trip that normally takes 30 minutes, took me 75!


sweetsong32 said...

Oh girl!!! Oh awful...especially with little ones!!I didnt get out yesterday, but dad did. He said all over town traffic was bumper to bumper due to all the detours and road closures. Glad you finally made it home!

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