Saturday, November 7, 2009

Six Word Saturday....

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My words...

I am thankful for my boys!

Every Friday night when I go to bed, I hope against hope, that the boys will sleep in on Saturday. Just once, please, let me sleep till 9:00. Ha! They were up at the crack of dawn again. How do I turn off their internal alarm clocks that go off at 7 am no matter what time they go to bed the night before?

It takes me a few minutes to wake up and get moving and the boys were impatient for their juice. But when I got to the fridge, I realized we were OUT of juice. Fortunately, the boys found their new games and were occupied. So I started the coffee brewing and headed out to the grocery store. In the 5 minute drive, I was complaining in my head about being up so early on a Saturday. Then stopped myself and decided I need to think of something positive about being up so early. Hence, my six word Saturday post:

I am thankful for my boys!

I did not have my children until I had passed my 30th birthday. So, for me, I waited a long time to have them. Lately, they've been very affectionate and loving. I get a lot of hugs and "I lub you" from both of them. They touch my heart every day.

Here are some highlights:

Jonathan loves to play games. He recently discovered Checkers and Chinese Checkers. Granddaddy Carmichael likes Chinese Checkers but won several games, therefore, Jonathan doesn't want to play with him anymore. Last night, he got Connect 4 and won more games than I did.

Jonathan can be bossy. Gets on my nerves until I remember that I was like that as a child. So I change my tactics and am trying to teach him to be respectful to me and his Dad. Five year old's CANNOT tell their parents what to do. His latest things is to say something like "I told you my shoes were in the living room. Duh!" Irks me to no end to hear the sarcastic "Duh".

Jonathan is learning to write and gets excited to tell me what letter they are working on in school. This week was the letter "C" and he's pretty good at since he's been writing Carmichael for a while now.

Joel is so much older than his three years because he tries so hard to keep up with his big brother. I don't hear much about school from him, except he stayed on "green". The preschool uses the Stop Light as a way of discipline. The student gets a warning for a wrong doing. Second time they move their clip to yellow. Third time they move their clip to red. If they get on red, no treasure box on Friday. So it is very important to him to stay on green.

Joel likes me to lie down with him at night so he can be close to me. I love it and I do it. Can't help myself. Of course, if I lay down with him, he remains still and goes to sleep faster. So we accomplish two things at once.

Joel is my helper. He loves to help. No matter what the project, he wants to be involved and has fun doing it.

Still Enjoying My Life....


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

They bring me much joy,
my two rambunctious boys—ah,
they are my treasures.

My Six Words

That corgi :) said...

enjoy them!! they seem like they are good kids too! when they are teenagers, then they'll probably sleep in (like all day, LOL)

just stopped by from 6-word Saturday checking out everyone's entries today


Call Me Cate said...

They sound like good boys to me!

Thanks for playing 6WS!

septembermom said...

How wonderful to enjoy your time with your wonderful boys. Beautiful post!

Andy's Bethy said...

My boys are on such an odd schedule - since Andy works nights, they stay up late, and sleep late always. (between 8-9 is our usual wake up time) When I have to get them up early for something it is torture. So, every plus has it's downside. Mine stay up til 10, sleep til 9, and can barely function if I get them up early.
You have to work with what you have, and just "enjoy your life"!

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