Sunday, November 22, 2009

I love teaching....

just in case you wondered.

Friday completed my 6th day of teaching at Southland Christian School. And I survived. The kids did too.

For the weekly newsletter, the students interview a teacher and write an article that appears in the Eagle's Nest. Last week was Mrs. Branch's turn and since I was substituting for her, I was interviewed. You can read the article here. The students did an excellent job with what I gave them.

The sewing class made pink ribbons for all of us to wear on Tuesday in honor of Mrs. Branch. She is loved very much by all of the students. Mrs. Branch came through her surgery well. She came home on Friday and is in good spirits. She had a mastectomy and they took one lymph node. That central node was positive for cancer so they went back and took the remaining nodes. We'll know Tuesday if the cancer has spread.

Other than a few discipline incidents, I LOVE TEACHING! I love it when I hear an "Oh" of understanding coming from the Geometry class. I love it when I hear that the Algebra II class understands quadratic functions. Even grading papers has been enjoyable because I've been able to record good grades for everyone.

This week is Thanksgiving Break! I am going to enjoy it and play with my boys. They've adjusted well to our new schedule. They love Aunt Judy and going to her house. On Friday, I took them to school myself and they asked why Aunt Judy couldn't do it. I think Aunt Judy enjoyed sleeping in. And I enjoyed walking them into their classes.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading! Glad you are enjoying teaching. =) Isn't it nice to have your sister watch the boys?! =) My boys love their auntys!!!


septembermom said...

How exciting for you! It must be wonderful to engage your students and see moments of recognition and understanding. Continued good luck!

Andy's Bethy said...

Glad to hear it is going well. It is such a great little school. I am sure you fit in well there, being such a great person yourself!

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