Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Uncharted by Angela Hunt
Titles A-Z Challenge

A friend of mine asked me to read this book so that we could discuss it. It was disturbing to her. Some of it was disturbing to me too, but by the time I finished the book, I understood.

Every year, David Payne would go on a mission trip. Every year, he invited his five close friends from college. Every year, they would all decline the invitation. Except for this year.

While attending the funeral of their dear friend, Kevin, Karyn, Mark, Susan and Lisa were invited again by the widow to go on the mission trip planned to honor her husband. This book is about what happens after the boat they are on sinks and they find themselves on a desolate island. Each person's true character is revealed and you will definitely be surprised.

I hesitate to tell too much of the story because it will take away from the book's suspense. But I did enjoy the book, more so when I fully understood what was meant by this line from the book:

"I'm beginning to think the island wants to keep us here."

Great read!


sweetsong32 said...

I understood the meaning of the book too. I guess it disturbed me b/c well, it sort of scared me. I dont know if 'scare' is the right word. BUT,it certainly caused me to re-evaluate my life and my attitude towards others. I dont want to live my life and then end up on that 'island'.

Mary said...

What stuck with me was the the "films" being replayed on each ones life, but it wasn't about what actually happened, but what they wanted to do do in their minds. That made me stop and re-evaluate.

sweetsong32 said...

YES! THat was what got me too! That is what made me re-evaluate my attitude towards others AND my motive for doing things for others.

Ching Ya said...

Sounds like an interesting book.. reminded me of Lost. =P I wonder if all of them got rescued in the end? After all the flashbacks and all, I'm sure if they were, they'll start to live their lives differently. Something we should learn to do before drastic changes come into our lives - treasure what we have, and live life to the fullest. Take care.

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