Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am AMSTR to be here!

I am a member of Smart Girl Politics. Tonight, SGP hosted a great treasure hunt to announce an event to take place on January 20, 2008. I really decided to participate just to check things out, you know. Well, by golly, I won the thing. I am still giggling because I didn't realize that I had won and I left the chat room when I finished the treasure hunt. After a few minutes, I joined the chat room again and saw a message telling Mary to email her address. I asked "me Mary" - and yes it was ME! The message I received on Twitter was:

You won a SGP swag bag filled with SGP gear and Ann Coulter's new book. Congratulations!!
I am so excited! So what is the great event happening at SGP on Janaury 20, 2008?

To play the game, you followed the original link given to find a letter in pink. You were to write down the letter, then click on it to be taken to the next website. There were 5 letters to locate. The last letter took you to Mind Active Media (Thanks to preppydude for hooking us up!!!), in which we were met by pinkelephantpun and ChristinaKB who welcomed me and asked me to use the password in a sentence which would send me to the announcement. This was my sentence:
I am AMSTR to be here!

But the catch was to unscramble the word first. So then I typed:
I am so SMART!

I had a lot of fun. Check out Smart Girl Politics and join in the Conservative Woman's Movement!


andysbethy said...

Congratulations Mary! Sounds like that was both fun, and rewarding. I'll have to check out the site, since I am a conservative woman already, and like to consider myself a "smart girl"!

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