Wednesday, January 14, 2009
I follow several blogs because each one is interesting to me for a specific reason. And I miss those that do not post very often. Then it occurred to me that someone may miss a post from me. I don't mean that arrogantly, just that a friend misses a friend.

I find that I don't take the time to write because I've been so busy with life or work and think if I can't get the laundry done or the dictation transcribed, I shouldn't be blogging. I find that I don't take time to write when I'm angry or frustrated with my life. The latter seems to be the case more often than not. But, I've determined not to bad mouth those in my life on my blog or air our dirty laundry. Please understand, I have a good life, my attitude towards it could be better at times. :)

We are studying Blood Covenant at church on Sunday nights. I do believe that as I understand covenant, I do get more revelation as I read the Bible. My Pastor, Ray Copeland, made this statement on Sunday.
As you grow in relationship with the Father, your life comes into order.
I'm beginning to realize that my relationship with the Father is more important than whether I follow a list of dos and don'ts. As my love for Him grows, I do make the right choices for my life. And my desire is that I walk in His love.


andysbethy said...

I really appreciated that quote "your life comes into order". How very appropriate to be reminded of.
Thanks for the word of wisdom!

sweetsong32 said...

Well said Mary! :-)

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