Thursday, November 6, 2008

A tribute to my grandmother

This lovely tribute was written by my Aunt Trina about her mother, Mable Perry, my grandmother. I know that all of my aunts and uncles feel the same, as well as her grandchildren. Today, she's been with Jesus 3 years. We all miss her, but I am so happy that she's with her Savior and I will see her one day. I have such a rich christian heritage and wanted to share some of it with you today.

O - Others.
This was her motto - from the keeping of babies of migrant workers to the caring of her aged mother.

U - Understanding.
You could always pour out your heart to Ma. She listened, she cared, and she always seemed to understand. Sometimes she gave advice, sometimes she didn't; but you always felt better after you talked to Ma.

R - Rare.
A price far above rubies. She was a 'joyful mother of children' - Proverbs 113:9. She worked 'willingly with her hands' - Proverbs 31:13. She 'looked well to the ways of her household' - Proverbs 31:27. The heart of her husband trusted in her - Proverbs 31:11. Like Sarah, she followed her husband when he went out and sojourned in a strange country - Hebrews 11:8,9.

M - Mommy, Ma.
She was a 'keeper at home' - Titus 2:5. She was home when we got up in the morning. She was home singing throughout the day. She was home when we came home from school. She was home to tuck us in at night. She was there - it was home.

O - Old.
She was old and gray-headed (although she never seemed to age) and she showed God's strength to our generation and the next - Psalm 71:8. Strength and honor were her clothing - Proverbs 31:25. She was content during the good times and the bad.She accepted God's will for her life. She knew her Lord, she loved Him, and she trusted Him.

T - Tender.
A tender heart - 'Out of the abundance of her heart, she spoke.' Tears flowed easily. Oh how she loved all the creatures great and small; all people rich or poor.

H - Humble.
Webster's Dictionary: 1.) Not proud or haughty: Not arrogant or assertive. This was our Mother.

E - Everybody's friend.
She was just as comfortable in Brenda's humble home eating corn bread and beans as in Mrs. Boyd's fine home eating chicken salad on fine china and drinking coffee from a silver pot.

R - Remember.
Our Mother, we love her, we miss her. May her rare beauty always remain vivid in our memory and may her children always rise up and call her blessed.

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. Psalm 116:15 November 6, 2005


Wahyudi Sastrowiryono said...

A great homage tribute is when we always remember and "write in gold ink"..mark of honour from Indonesia.

meili_lo said...

this is a nice way to honor someone special to us =)

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Brooke said...

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I love your blog. I came here via meili_lo and really enjoyed reading your posts. Feel free to stop by mine.

Continued Blessings and because of him,

Posh Post Reviews said...

hi mary! visiting you from she writes. :-) take care!

Marriage Markers said...

this is my alternate blog on marriage. we have the same template... :-D

Flowersbythewayside said...

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Laura said...

Mary, I loved your Grandma.
Mrs. Perry (to us) was such a part of our lives as children. I probably don't even know how much influence she actually had in our rearing back then, but I do know my Mom looked to her for wisdom and that she was a very godly example to my Mom.
We loved being at her house down the road. It was always fun and she was always welcoming! I have many memories of playing there with you guys. When I am in Greenville, I go back to look at our old house and we always have to check out Mrs. Perry's old house too. Such warm feelings about those places...
Do you remember that I was saved there also? In her summer Bible Club at her house. (I think my Mom was a little sad that your Grandma got to reap the fruit of Mom and Dad's labors and teaching, but that is how it happened and in the end, I know they were just glad I had made the decision.)
The last time I got to see her was in her home on Honea Path. She was still the same lady I remembered from years previous. Long gray curls. Welcoming smile. Genuine interest in our lives.
She was a treasure and I know still treasured in many hearts!

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