Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Swimming lessons.....

I took swimming lessons the week of July 6. I had 5 - 30 minute sessions and learned a lot. My teacher was a 38 year old mother of three. She also teaches at the YMCA in Thomasville, GA. I think one reason that working with her was easy is that I had seen her work with my boys for two weeks while they learned to swim. I was comfortable with her and it was easy to relax. This is a picture of Jill working with Jonathan.

By the end of the week, I was swimming the length of the pool. I could take a breath without gulping in too much water. My form was good. I could even tread water.

The secret to learning how to swim as an adult is to remain relaxed.

I think I've found my place of relaxation (as long as no one is watching). Now it's time to get to the Y and swim some laps.


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