Saturday, July 4, 2009
Ahhh, coffee.......
I am enjoying a cup of Starbuck's Verona coffee, doctored up with sugar, milk and chocolate syrup! And listening to Joel sing while he plays in the bathtub. Thought I'd take a picture of his naked hiney, but I don't think his daddy would appreciate me posting that on my blog. Joel's got a nice tan going on. So does Jonathan.

This first week in July has been busy. We finally got the pool set up that Nana got for the boys. They've really enjoyed playing in it. Thursday, we spent the day at the YMCA pool with the 'other Mary' and her crew. Of course, they enjoyed that too. So much, that they both were asleep within 5 minutes of leaving the Y that day. Then I was able to enjoy Girl's Movie Night while Lee entertained the boys. I got a call though, because Jonathan was running a fever. After we got home from swimming at the YMCA, Jonathan just laid around much of the night, sleeping a good bit, but woke up feverish. Friday, he had a fever again and we decided to take him to Youth Care. Youth Care is a walk-in clinic in Valdosta serviced by the pediatricians for children to be seen when the physicians offices are closed.

Jonathan's diagnosis was strep throat. This is the second time this year he's had strep throat and he's also had a sinus infection. Jonathan has very large tonsils for his age, so we'll have him rechecked in two weeks to determine if the infection is gone and if his tonsils got any smaller. If they do not get smaller when the infection is gone, we were advised to take him to an ENT physician for evaluation.

So because of the strep throat, Jonathan was not able to visit with his cousins this weekend. My brother and his wife are here with their five children. Aunt Judy met me at Youth Care and took Joel with her to Grandma and Granddaddy's house. Joel had a blast playing with his cousins. I was able to go too after Lee met me at Chick-Fil-A to pick up Jonathan and took him home. It is always good to see my brother and his family. I was hoping to be able to go back today, but Jonathan still had a fever this morning.

Now, I'm listening to Jonathan sing in the bathtub. I am so thankful for my little men!

We were scheduled to have pictures taken on Sunday evening by Autumn at Blessings Photography but I've rescheduled that for another time. We felt that maybe we'd all do better when we weren't so tired and sick. Check out her website. She does awesome work!

So, tonight I'm hoping that Jonathan will feel well enough to go see the fireworks. Happy 4th of July to you all!


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