Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I have the joy of the Lord!

My older son attends preschool three times a week. It has been quit an adjustment for both him and me. This is the first time he has ever been in a classroom setting and he is having to face some things he doesn't like. In praying over the situation, I realized that I control making the drive to school a success. So I asked him to bring a CD that he would like to listen to in the car. Our drive is about 30 minutes one way. He loaded up his Handy Manny lunchbox with his four favorite Cd's and off we went. He has a praise CD that he really likes - especially track 6. This is the song:

He-He-He-He saved Me!
And I have the joy of the Lord!

Today, we listened to that song for about 20 minutes. It blesses me to hear my two boys singing in the back seat. And I know that this song gets into their spirit as they sing it. He now has more good times at school than bad. And I believe that making the drive to school a positive experience helps get him prepared for the day.

But I was reminded that that the joy of the Lord is my strength! And with His strength Jonathan and I are both overcomers!

If you want to hear the song, you can listen to it for free here -


Anonymous said...

I loved that song as a child (and still do)!

I just popped over from M4SP's.

Keep up the good fight!

In Him,

Island Dreamin' said...

I love to sing that song with my children's church kids!! God Bless!

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