Saturday, April 23, 2011

Celebrating Joel

Five years ago, I was home with a 20 month old and 37 weeks pregnant and not feeling well. My mom was out of town and so was my mother-in-law.  By Monday, I decided to check my "What to expect..." book and discovered I could be in labor. So called the doctor who said to go to the hospital. I had to wait for Lee to finish at work and find someone to keep Jonathan since both grandmothers were out of town.  Our Pastor came and got Jonathan and rode around town for a couple of hours until Nana got home.

I was dehydrated when I got to the hospital so the plan was to get hydrated and go home. My cervix started changing so we planned on a c-section.  At 5:15 pm on April 24, 2006, Joel arrived 19 days early.  After 5 days in the hospital, we were able to bring him home. He had to be on oxygen because he had fluid on his lungs.  Now he is a healthy 5 year old and I give God praise that Joel has had no residual affects from it.  I also praise God for healing me from endometriosis and for blessing us with two precious boys!

Halleluah! He is risen! Happy Easter!


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