Thursday, December 16, 2010

My first "Mom" jewelry

While shopping for pajama's for the boys, we walked through the store near the jewelry department. Immediately the boys wanted to look for gifts for Mama (that's me!). How can you say no to the sweetest boys in the world when they want to buy jewelry for their mama?

At Sears, Dustin was a tremendous help. He helped the boys pick things out then tell me the price so I could approve it. And he wrapped them up pretty for them. All this so that I wouldn't know what they picked out.

The boys couldn't help themselves this morning...they had to show me "one" thing that they got for me. After I took a peak they decided that they wanted me to have it today. So...

Here is Joel's "three" bracelets....

and Jonathan's "mom" necklace...
Wonder what's left in those pretty packages....

Merry Christmas!


Jenners said... sweet!!

Last year, my son shopped at the holiday shop at his school and bought me a "diamond" bracelet!!! It is touching when they shop for you, isn't it?

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