Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

My dad, David Boyd, recently lost his older brother, Jesse. He was too young to die. Thankfully, we know that he is in Heaven with Christ. His death has caused my brother and I to rethink some things. Like how often we see each other or talk. I can't imagine what my cousins are going through, because I still have my dad.

I'm my dad's eldest child. I'm the child of his youth his tells me. I think that makes me special. Daddy and I always enjoyed doing things together; singing, target shooting, volleyball and moving his office at the VSU campus. He's had three offices that I remember. One time that I remember being angry at him was when he decided it was best to move the family from Sumter, SC to Valdosta, GA. Valdosta, GA? Where is Valdosta, GA? No one I knew had ever heard of it. All I could think about was that he was taking us away from our friends at SCS. We had been there for six years. And then, when we got here, he MADE me play volleyball for my new school, LCA. Oh how I dreaded volleyball practice that summer. He was forcing me to interact with people that I did not want to interact with and play a sport. I was a 'cheerleader' not someone who played sports. :)

If you know me very well, you know that I came to love volleyball and basketball and cheerleading and softball. So he DID know what he was doing when he forced me to play. :) When I moved back to Georgia after my divorce, Daddy shared with me that by taking the job at VSC he received a $14,000 increase in pay. Since I had already has my first job at that time, I understood the significance of that pay increase. And I couldn't be angry anymore.

I've learned from my Dad about how to use a gun and gun safety. I've learned the importance of being punctual and always doing my best. I know the importance of education and music. My dad was able to send me to college and to pay the tuition in full. He has done that for all four of his children. Recently, I realized that most kids do not have that. So it is pretty significant for me and my siblings. Thank you, Daddy.

Daddy, I love you and respect you. Thank you for being my dad and for being my friend. I hope that this post conveys to you how important you are to me.


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