Wednesday, May 20, 2009
I recently said to a friend, "Hope your day is great!"

The reply I received was, "My day will be great because I choose for it to be!"

I have thought of that countless times this week when I found myself having an all but great day. And even though this season of my life has been hard, there are things that make my life great! Two being Jonathan and Joel. I so enjoy listening to them play together as they take Thomas and friends over the train tracks, or fight the fire in the bathroom, or race their cars through the kitchen race track. I want to be that carefree. I want to put the reality of life on hold and just play!

My friends also make my life great. I have good friends. Friends that make me laugh. Friends than encourage me. Friends that cry with me. Friends that love me. And with the help of Facebook, I've reconnected with old friends as far back as elementary school.

My family makes my life great. Mama told us girls recently how she was glad that we all loved her. We have had our share of junk, but in the end we are family. We love each other. We even like each other! :)

All that aside, I cannot expect anyone or anything to make my life great. That is up to me. That is the choice that I must make daily.

My life is GREAT because I choose for it to be GREAT!


Hurst Family said...

What a great post!! I am so encouraged! Thank you, Mary.

Jenners said...

I think you raise a good point! It is a choice you can make ... I always have to remind myself of that. I tend to worry a lot about things I can't do anything about but I've learned to choose NOT to worry about things I can't control and it makes life easier!

And a loving family and great kids can make all the difference in the world!

Love the photo of your boys! We have a similar sprinkler and it is so fun!

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